Dam Sen Nuoc Awning is designed and constructed from stretched canvas

To meet customer needs, Dam Sen Waterpark has aimed to innovate its image and improve the quality of experience by building Dam Sen canopy.
Project numberYearsMaterialArea (m2)Type of formClientLocation
V1022022PVC/PES (PVDF)1230Dome shapeLotus pond waterVietnam

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Overview of the Dam Sen WaterPark canopy project

Even though more than two decades have passed now, the "heat" of Dam Sen WaterPark still shows no signs of abating. Because this place always gives visitors a feeling of safety, excitement, and newness in fun and entertainment activities thanks to constantly innovating its image, improving the quality of experience as well as strengthening , increasing the safety and sturdiness of old structural systems.
The old roof system at Dam Sen Waterpark was installed and used in an environment with high humidity, so after a long time, cracks, leaks, and rust appeared. Although the investor has overcome it by covering it with PVC tarpaulin to prevent leaks, it is still ineffective.
So, instead of investing in simple, unimpressive, and unsustainable stretch canvas designs, Dam Sen Waterpark has chosen to invest smartly in the FlexiiForm™ stretch canvas canopy product!
The main lobby is also a place to organize events, parties, stage performances, etc. Dam Sen has focused on building a cover system to minimize environmental impacts, while ensuring aesthetics, Convenient and safe for space and customers.
Understanding the needs and desires of the investor, FlexiiForm combined with the design unit to propose a roof plan with curved arches, develop and create more leaf shapes and make the overall roof system look like ripples. waves, in accordance with the criteria and purpose of building a new image and enhancing customer experience of Dam Sen Waterpark.

mái che đầm sen nước 1
Overview Covered reception hall at Dam Sen Nuoc

What material is the canopy of Dam Sen WaterPark's welcome gate made from?

To bring a new look to the welcome gate of Dam Sen WaterPark, both ensuring safety with a sustainable roofing system and increasing aesthetics, novelty and creativity, FlexiiForm has applied architectural form. The new name is tensile fabric, membrane structures or today many people know it as "architectural tensile canvas" in Vietnam.
Tensile Fabric FlexiiForm is not simply a material, it is a combination of the designer's creative imagination of shapes and the specialized computing capacity of a team of specialized engineers. Dam Sen WaterPark canopy uses a stretch canvas structure and high-quality PVDF canvas material. This is a popular stretch canvas material in the Tensile Fabric industry since the 1960s.
Through many years of development, PVC tarpaulin has been researched and coated with an additional layer of PVDF to protect the surface exposed to the environment, helping to increase the material's lifespan up to about 15-20 years.
PVDF material is a thermoplastic, so during the processing process, PVDF membranes can be joined together using a high-rise press, to increase the area covered by the tarpaulin according to the designed form. In addition, PVDF is impregnated with UV light inhibitors and anti-fouling fungicides, making it effective for many light blocking applications.
This truly is a cost-effective alternative to traditional roofing systems and can be produced in a multitude of colors to coordinate with Dam Sen roofing needs. With a distinctive white design and thin, light, flexible nature, this type of roof helps reduce radiant heat, keeping the inside temperature cooler and less hot than traditional materials.

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Roof covering the lotus pond

Implementation process of Dam Sen WaterPark roof project

FlexiiForm With a professional team of leading experts in the industry, we confidently bring to Dam Sen WaterPark the most optimal solution for quality stretch canvas roofing, carefully designed and constructed down to each link and structural system. Safe and highly stable.
To do these things, first FlexiiForm™ Conduct consulting and provide customers with many optimal solutions. For Dam Sen WaterPark, in addition to recognizing customers' wishes, we also directly survey the site to have an objective, honest view as well as easily calculate, analyze and give feedback. come up with the most suitable plan.
After customers choose the optimal solution for Dam Sen canopy, FlexiiForm conducts structural design and calculations to ensure complete tension. Our team of architects and engineers has carefully calculated wind speeds, dynamic loads, and static loads for the entire system. system Dam Sen canopy to provide appropriate dimensions and structural details of the frame system.
The architectural form and roofing system need to be checked in detail to avoid factors that cause difficulties during the actual installation and construction process. After the calculation step, FlexiiForm Carry out construction of the iron frame system according to the parameters on the previous design. This is one of the differences and highlights compared to other canvas structures, helping to limit editing, welding and cutting time at the construction site, saving construction time.
Before officially constructing, we dismantled the old frame system at the welcome gate so that vehicles carrying materials could access the project. In particular, the construction process of the welcome gate canopy does not affect the operation of Dam Sen WaterPark, all activities can still take place normally, the construction team designs separate paths for customers to enter and exit the amusement park. play, and at the same time cover the construction area with construction tarpaulin.
Next, FlexiiForm dismantled the electrical equipment, stage, and loose items and transferred them all to Dam Sen's storage facility for more convenience during the construction process. The dismantling of roof panels takes place according to a carefully calculated process, ensuring safety for tourists and amusement park staff.
Finally, the installation and construction of the new roof was carried out according to plan, in spans of 6 - 8m to ensure safety, sustainability as well as aesthetics for the entire system.

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Roof covering the lotus pond

Image of completed Dam Sen WaterPark canopy

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Roof covering the lotus pond

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